About Us

Vital Medical Services provides all of the immediate medical services available from a physician combined with the non-life threatening services offered by the hospital emergency room. Over 98% of in-custody complaints can be handled by our medical provider’s via a Medical Screening/Pre-Booking Exam and do not require hospital ancillary services. Our services cancel the expense, liability, and time required to transport clients to the hospital. These clearances are done in your jail facility. Our staff consists of medical professionals from emergency departments, who have undergone an extensive licensing and accreditation procedure and who are experienced, highly qualified, service oriented and certified by risk management carriers. Vital Medical Services follows all evidence-based medical practice procedures, along with guidelines and care set forth by the American Academy of Emergency Physicians, American Medical Association and the Emergency Nurses Association with Board Certified Emergency Physician Oversight. Furthermore, we follow the same policies, standards and laws set forth in Title 15 and 17 of California Code of Regulations, Physical Evidence Bulletins of the California Department of Justice Forensic Services Bureau and both California Penal and Vehicle Codes. Our medical staff also has knowledge and experience in courtroom testimony, corrections and custody procedures.



Our Mission and Core Values

Vital Medical Services is guided by a tradition of professional, ethical and technological excellence. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care with compassion and respect for each person.

Commitment • Respect • Efficiency • Loyalty • Dependability • Service