VMS Provides Public Safety Support on New Year’s Eve in Pasadena

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Vital Medical Services was once again the Pasadena Police Department’s primary medical service provider for Public Safety on New Year’s Eve in Pasadena, California.  Housed inside the Pasadena jail, our staff of medical providers absorbed the high volume of arrestees with diverse medical conditions.

Year after year, 700,000 people from all over the world converge on Pasadena (population 140,000) to attend the city’s Rose Parade and Rose Bowl festivities. This congestion has taxed public safety resources in getting the necessary medical screening and medical evidentiary processes—until Vital Medical Services came along.

Last NYE’s 2014 festivities marked the first year Vital Medical Services filled this need for the Pasadena Police Department, providing first aid, pre-booking medical screenings, and evidentiary blood draws. This resulted in a reduction in liability incidences and inefficient transporting of arrestees through congested streets to overpopulated emergency rooms.

VMS is honored to be an integral member of Pasadena Police Department’s medical and safety community and we wish everyone a safe and prosperous 2016!

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Vital Medical Services Impresses at Training Manager’s Seminar in Pismo Beach

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Vital Medical Services was proud to sponsor the 2015 Training Manager’s Seminar presented by the Central California Training Officers Association.  Held October 13-16 at the Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach, the event attracted more than 150 Training Officers and Jail Managers from across the state.  Steve Cooley (CEO) and Alex G. Ghazalpour (COO) represented Vital Medical Services during the Vendor Introduction Night, standing out as the only vendor to offer On-Site Medical Services to Law Enforcement agencies.  Many attendees said this service was “a long time coming” declaring that the improvements in response time, allocation of tax payer dollars, liability, officer and public safety, and community hospital relief would become the industry standard for medical services in Type 1 jail facilities.  Testimonials from municipalities currently using Vital Medical Services affirmed such praise, emphasizing it as a key solution to the ever increasing demands on agencies.  Vital Medical Services was proud to sponsor the 2015 Training Manager’s Seminar and looks forward to building on the newly formed agency relationships.

Vital Medical Services Participates in COPSWEST Expo

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Vital Medical Services was proud to be part of the annual COPSWEST Law Enforcement Training and Expo in Long Beach, California. As one of over 250 vendors at this year’s event, VMS was the only participant to offer medical services to Police, Sheriff and Probation agencies. Line personnel and upper management recognized the benefits that Vital Medical Services could provide. Agency representatives’ desire to decrease response times and liability, increase officer safety, and conserve dwindling budgets was evident from the overwhelming interest and excitement surrounding Vital Medical Services. The VMS team is equipped and ready to deliver these results to your agency.